What's the deal with grip socks?

With the ever growing number of pilates and barre studios here in Singapore, there is no doubt you would have heard that you need a pair of grip socks to be allowed to practice in the studio. But what's the deal with it and what makes it better than practicing with shoes or barefoot?

Should I wear shoes?
First things first, wearing shoes during your pilates, barre or yoga practice is a big no-no. Besides scratching or damaging the equipment, your entire feet is constrained inside the structure of your shoes! The moves that you need to do that require the flexibility of your feet will be near impossible or at least pretty damn uncomfortable to do in shoes. So leave the shoes in the changing room. 

Grip socks vs barefoot
Now let's compare grip socks versus barefoot. Barefoot sounds like a great idea.... until you start moving. And sweating. And now suddenly, your feet loses its grip on the mat or the equipment and slipping and sliding starts. And speaking from experience, it is SO HARD to maintain my form when my feet are sliiiiding away and it is not fun having to readjust constantly during down dog. With a good quality pair of grip socks on, hello new balance queen!

Stay hygienic!
Besides that, your grip socks also keeps you clean! Think of it as like a barrier protecting you from the nasty germs and bacteria. No more worries about that as our grip socks are the best hygienic alternative to bare feet.

Ankle support
My friends with weak ankles, I hear you. As someone who used to skate, I've had my fair share of ankle injuries. And they do not go away completely. Take a breath of relief because our socks with it's fitted heel will prevent you from twisting that ankle! And it also promotes circulation throughout!

With each session, you are looking to better your skills and form. You might be accidentally sabotaging your goals without a pair of good quality grip socks! Feel extra grounded and secure at your next flow with your new stylish must-have piece!

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