Top 3 Hiking Spots in Singapore

Want to work out while absorbing Mother Earth's peaceful energy and fresh air? At BASE, we're HUGE fans of spending time outside and under the sun. Need some inspiration? Here are our top 3 spots!

One of the first forest reserves in SG, you'll get a history lesson while hiking. Trek to the top of Singapore's highest hill, Bukit Timah Hill while being surrounded by the country’s native flora and fauna. Be sure to take a rest stop (and a pic together) at the gorgeous Hindhede Quarry.
Take a walk in this ASEAN Heritage Park in the far north of Singapore. Home to many species of birds like kingfishers and herons, this park also has an Aerie Tower located along the trail - perfect for all you birdwatchers!
One of the most popular hikes in Singapore - and for good reason! It is home to playful monkeys and monitor lizards and it has the gorgeous Treetop walk. You'll get to enjoy a birds-eye view from the suspension bridge! Slap bang in the middle of our island home, it is perfectly accessible from any direction.

Especially since most of us can't leave the country at this point, it just gives us more reason to head on out and take a little hike on this island. See you on one of the trails!

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