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Today marks 8 weeks until our Big Day & while I am so excited to be marrying the love of my life, I’m slowly freaking out a little about not only ALLLLLLLL the things I need to accomplish between now and then, but also and more importantly I’m not 100% happy with myself physically right now.

I do consider myself lucky - I have never had to count my calories, and that is something I do not take for granted so I still watch what I eat.  I mainly focus on exercise for my mental health, and I don’t really have any structured physical goals. Usually my exercise consists of walks/runs or most recently some resistance/circuit work.  All I know is that to stay sane I  need to do something every 3 to 4 days. My mind thanks me for it later on, so I try and prioritize it if I can!

As a bride-to-be, my personal goal is to feel really happy and healthy. I don’t need abs of steal. I don’t need to be able to lift my own weight, or to run at supersonic speeds. What I do want is to FEEL healthy and happy.  I think that’s kind of important when I’m going to have 150+ of our nearest and dearest family & friends staring at me when I tell my beloved and best friend how much I love him!  So I will have to do some structured training, and consider a menu plan.

Over the next 8 weeks I’ll share with you what I’m doing, what I’m focusing on and what I think all brides need to think about the most – THEMSELVES. This whole wedding hoopla is fun, crazy and if I’m honest, somewhat intimidating! A quick google search tells me that at the 10 week mark I should have already achieved X, Y & Z. I can tell you that I have a lot of catching up to do.

So you will be my inspiration! Together we can focus on fitness, wellness & managing the trials and tribulations of planning a wedding (one of which was to tell my mum she can’t invite 7 of her girlfriends from her tennis club). 

Lisa xx


Base Athletica Blogger Lisa CunnersA lover of adventure and of finding all the hidden gems her latest travel destination has to offer, you will often find Lisa glued to Instagram looking for the next hot location. With a serious online shopping addiction and the need to ensure her fitness attire is on point, Lisa is a always on the hunt for the latest & greatest – which is what brought her to Base Athletica! When in Singapore you will find her eating up a storm at a local hawker centre or on the hunt for the best coffee in town.

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