Not Just a Pretty Face

Welcome to BASE Athletica!

We are excited to be here!  This is a place you can find something different to the offerings we have on our sunny island.  Not only will your workout wear change, but this website will bring you more fitness info than other e-stores.

We are in love with the athletic leisure trend that is taking over the streets.  We are focussing on Australian style because its urban dwellers have so much to choose from, they are wearing more sportswear more of the time and wearing it how they want.  From the gym, to the mall, to breakfast and dinner, urban athleticwear is on the fittest bods, 24-7.  We want you have that option, by bringing you variety and the hottest trends, delivered to your doorstep.

But we are not only here to make you look good.  Functionality and technology in sportswear is of utmost importance.  The face of a work out is changing.  We aren't just running and yogying anymore.  We are rock climbing, stand up paddling, spinning, Pumping and bootcamping.  There are fabulous fitness phenomenons like Crossfit, Bikram, Zumba and Barre.  But each of these activities have different requirements and designers are stepping up to the challenge.  On this site, you will find your favourite activity-specific offerings.

Fitness is funner than ever before.  But while you are waiting for class, or for your smoothie to blend, you can find all sorts of info on our site to occupy and inform you.  As we grow, check out our blog - 

  • Base Ambassadors will inspire you
  • Beauty tips for before, at and after the gym
  • Upcoming events in Singapore and around
  • New fitness phenoms to try
  • Dietitian advice for before and after a workout

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Off to the gym!


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