Don't Forget - Amazing Benefits of Strength Training

Like most things, a balanced approach will provide the greatest benefits when training - so combine cardio, strength and stretching. Yes, cardio helps to lose weight but strength training (using resistance to contract an individual or group of muscles) is loaded with benefits.  Here are my top three!

1. Helps prevent disease

Research shows that regular strength training is linked to lower blood pressure, increased bone density and lower cholesterol, lessening your chances of heart disease and osteoporosis.

2. Sustained weight loss through improved metabolism

Strength training builds muscle and muscle burns more calories than fat. Building lean muscles also increases your natural energy which encourages you to work out more often, triggering a positive and sustainable habit.

3. Improved mood and self-confidence

My favourite. Endorphins, which result in improved mood, are released throughout strength training and continue releasing afterwards. This hormonal effect combined with positive changes to your body and posture creates higher self-confidence.

Resistance training is truly worthwhile for the body and the mind. If pumping iron at the gym is not your style there’s no need to worry, yoga and pilates are considered strength training.  You could also try incorporating lunges into your daily walk or try a short circuit in your local park.

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Maddy Pearce - Founder of MakeLife Initiative and Online Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach

Base Athletica Blogger Maddy PearceMaddy helps clients function more effectively & efficiently, as well as increase energy and reduce stress, to enable them to get the most out of life. Maddy's philosophy is to nourish your whole being - body, mind and soul. Truly living is about taking pleasure in the best of life, not just enduring each day, and balance is an essential ingredient in creating your wholesome life.

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