PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Heavy Duty Travel Yoga Mat

There is nothing like lying back into savasana on a mat that is luxurious and silky.  Our favourite part of yoga class has become even more special.  And when at bootcamp, it is pretty darn great to feel protected and dry from sometimes wet but beautiful great outdoors.  

Yellow Willow's portable travel mat brings it to all your classes!  AND you can wash it in the machine!! We are a HUGE fan.

Why it's so great
Sydney yogi brand Yellow Willow has created a brand new heavy duty skinny travel mat that gives us all the support and nurturing we need in a class.  It has new and improved X Grip: an additional non-slip layer on top of the microfibre fabric top to help keep you even more confident in your poses. It’s great because you can still glide from pose to pose with the suede-top (no jarring on the joints), but the extra layer of grip will keep you solid in your poses.  It is colourfast, eco-friendly and biodegradable. While it is full size at 173cm x 61cm, it's light (under 1kg) and compact - it can be folded up and thrown in your handbag!  

This mat is brand new and unlike any other yoga mat in Australia - we are so excited to be bringing these market leaders to Singapore :)

What it's made from
Built with a microfibre suede fabric top bonded to 100% natural biodegradable tree rubber, our favourite skinny mat of all time has a luxuriously soft feel with grip standards to keep your poses solid and deep, and its strong underlay protects you from whatever is underfoot.  It is perfect for throwing over your in-class yoga mat and it won't roll up while you are practicing. What makes Yellow Willow mats even more unique is its top layer fabric which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Definitely a massive YES to eco-friendly products! 
How to care for your mat
In terms of keeping your travel mats clean and fresh, Yellow Willow recommends hand wash and if you have more than one mat, have them washed separately in cold cycle once every couple of months. Do not tumble dry, it is bad for the material (and bad for the environment).


Yellow Willow believes that their yoga products should help everyone to grow and make each individual the best yogi one can be. They vision their mat as a beautiful place where one can strive to improve your performances whilst embracing the beauty and sensation of yoga. We LOVE taking our Yellow Willow mat to class, it feels beautiful underhand and underfoot, and the pattern adds another dimension to our peacefulness and happiness!

    Grab your Yellow Willow heavy duty travel yoga mat here.

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