Health Starts From Within

With the current covid-19 situation, it is more important than ever to be healthy and keep our immune systems up. The best thing we can and should do for ourselves during this time is to strengthen our bodies from within by making health and nutrition a priority.

Health to us is more than what we feed our bodies - it's a mindset. We believe in connecting to our bodies through exercise (especially as we hit 'over 30', eating well and enough sleep.

We're sharing our top tips on how we support our well being.

  1. Plan ahead
    Plan nutrient packed meals at home where you're in control of the ingredients. Minimise supermarket trips by planning at least 5 days worth of meals with ingredients that will stay fresh.
    Think oatmeal, pasta, herbs, low-sodium canned foods, frozen meats and frozen veggies.

  2. Keep healthier snacks and treats in your pantry
    This makes it easier to access when you are feeling impulsive. Avoid fried foods and nibbles that are high in sugar. We love snacking on dark chocolate and almonds! We've also been making our own protein bar snacks.

  3. Hydrate!
    It's easy to forget about water but it's so important for your overall well being. Keep a glass nearby and try to aim for at least 1.5L of water a day.

  4. Consume more stress-relieving foods
    Foods like Brazil nuts, turmeric, fatty fish or chamomile tea help to keep your body's stress level low naturally. This will allow you to handle the difficult tasks with ease.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Your Base Crew xx

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