Base Reloved - our successful recycling initiative

At Base, we KNOW that lots of ladies have leggings that are still in FAB condition, sitting in closets, never worn - we know because you TELL US!! The amount of clothing we have and don't wear is shocking and amazing. And it seems we're all guilty! But it also seems that we all want to change that.

How it works

All you need to do is find your old but reloveable Base leggings at the bottom of your drawer and return them to us - in exchange for a $10 BASE voucher! You can use it immediately or later. Then we take the reloveable leggings, clean 'em up good and then put them for sale in our Base Reloved collection! The money raised from this goes directly to charity!

Why it works

We set up this initiative to help gals and the environment on a number of levels. It’s about recycling and upcycling, leading a minimalist life, paying forward, to empower women to make smart fashion a part of their everyday lives, saving money on clothes, living with less, keeping it simple, being a conscious consumer, making a difference in the whole big picture of the world, helping to leave the planet sustainable for the next generation — saving water, recycling and reusing items, and donating to important causes. 

Join in!

We encourage you, Team Base, to bring in your reloveable Base leggings and free up some space in your drawer (and your mind!) and know that those leggings will bring much joy to someone else.

This is a great way to clear out your closet for a good cause, and on the other hand, a great way to get your hands on a totally affordable pair! 

Support a great cause!
Base Reloved is available in store only. 


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