3 Relaxation Techniques

We try to avoid it but stress is sometimes unavoidable these days! We find that the key to stay balanced is to have a few reliable 'go-to' relaxation techniques. Here's our top 3.

This can be done anywhere. Take a few minutes, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathe in and out through your nose, allowing each inhale and exhale to get longer, and deeper into your belly. You'll find your heart rate slowing down and you'll be able to think clearer. If you're having trouble letting your mind be still, try counting your breath. Focusing on the counts will allow your mind to calm.

Sometimes you wake up stressed already and that's completely normal! If you have so much on your mind, it's only natural to wake up worried. Start your day slow. Take a few minutes to meditate. We love a guided meditation session, which can be a lot easier especially when you have a lot on your mind. Youtube has many guided meditation practices. Close your eyes, sit either on a chair or cross legged, close your eyes and listen to the mediation. You'll be ready to take on the day!

Our go-to after a loooooong day! Simply rolling out a mat in our living room and doing a 15 minute practice makes us feel so much better. You'll feel the tension in your muscles loosen up as you stretch. We usually finish each practice by sitting down with a cup of chamomile and letting the calmness sit with us for a bit. 

There you go! Our top 3 relaxation techniques that can be practised easily every day. Remember the more you practise them, the more you learn about how your body handles stress and how to keep your mental load to a minimum.