WTF is Collagen??

You could argue that the west is a bit slow, and now after years of medical research, it's coming around to trust eastern remedies. Collagen is one example, gaining extreme popularity in the health and wellness industry and the benefit list appears long, covering our most lusted attributes. 

Our friend and wellness blogger, Rosie Hope, did her own research and agrees that collagen is a must-have in her daily routine. But why? She breaks it down for us in her blog. Here are the highlights!


Collagen: Derived from the Greek word “kolla”meaning glue, Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, made up of four amino-acids [glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine] which are in turn built of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.  Nutra Organics' Collagen is Type I and Type III (which are predominantly found in the skin) and is a bovine (cow) source. It is the closest structure to our own. 


We are all born with plentiful amounts of collagen, however as we age the body produces less collagen, which is when we sadly see the structural integrity of our skin decline, as wrinkles may begin to form and joint cartilage becomes weaker. However it is not only the natural ageing process which inhibits our collagen production, exposure to UV lights, smoking, high sugar consumption and even certain auto-immune disorders can also play a role in the deficit of collagen stores. For many women, they also experience a dramatic reduction in collagen production after menopause.


Unlike cosmetic lotions or creams that claim to increase collagen levels, but are actually unlikely to do so as the molecules are too large to be absorbed through the dermal layer of the skin – ingesting collagen has proven benefits. 

Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails

Those cosmetic surgeons weren’t wrong – collagen is needed for great skin and plump, fresh faces, however the less invasive way of topping up your collagen stores has benefical effects. As the protein responsible for supporting skin elasticity, stronger hair and nails, this foundational block can significantly improve the quality and visual effect of the skin, reduce dryness, sustain healthy growth and has virtually zero side effects.

Slows signs of ageing and contributes to weight management

Glycine, one of the four amino acids in collagen, can assist in maintaining a healthy body as it assists the digestive and central nervous system, whilst also slowing down the effects of ageing. This amino acid helps to replenish healthy DNA and RNA cells, as well as improving how the body uses antioxidants to cope with oxidative stress.

Promotes enhanced sleep quality

You may also find a higher quality of sleep levels when taking Collagen supplements as Glycine has been shown to aid in reducing drowsiness during the day and improving memory recognition performance, whilst assisting with a deeper quality of sleep at night.

As it dissolves easily in liquid, Collagen Peptides are great to mix into hot or cold beverages. It makes a great addition to smoothies, juices or even mixed with water. 

Check out Rosie's full blog here > 'WTF is Collagen??'.

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