Why Protein..?

Protein powders have exploded on the scene as an ideal snack and recovery tool.  So should you add it into your regime?

According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, protein is an important part of an overall exercise program and is essential for proper recovery and immune function, as well as for the growth and maintenance of lean body mass

Taking some prior to training and after can be a good way to help with gaining muscle bulk. Taking it after exercise is particularly important for repair and to get ready for the next training session. During might be needed for a long work out to help refuel and repair during training.

Protein powders can be used as 'beauty boosters' - as skin food, for body sculpting and even as an anti-ageing weapon.

We have been taking Nutra Organics protein for years (purely for its taste!).  Their Clean Protein is the most delicious and satiating way to enhance your fitness or weight management efforts. Built from the best organic, nourishing ingredients means that it TASTES natural as well as adding a good amount to protein to our diet.

So get out there and move that body, and nourish it with organic, whole food ingredients… it’s what you deserve!

For ingredients and nutritional information of Clean Protein head to https://baseathletica.com/collections/organic-protein-supplements

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