Flirty Frills with Innika Choo

Base is forever on a quest to bring you new and exciting offerings.  Our latest collaboration with superstar Designer, Innika Choo, was by far the most memorable!
Our idea behind this incredible collaboration is that we wanted to bring our customers (you!) an exciting experience that you can't get anywhere else in Singapore. This is the first of many we have planned for you.

With all of Innika's latest collections in store for 2 days only, it was frills galore! Bright colours and the excitement of ladies shopping filled the air. Constant chatter and a lot of "this is SO CUTE!" overpowered our music in store!

Our friends from The Whole Kitchen brought in their delicious gluten-free muffins (which took a lot of self control to stop at one... or three).
It was two days of pure joy and excitement - from our team, Innika's and all our customers who came in! We are so grateful to you all for making this event a HUGE success! 

Until the next one! We'll be dancing away in frilly dresses for now!

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