Base Athletica X WeBarre & Social and Style | Pre-Natal Vlog

Spring is in the air and pregnant mummies are everywhere (CONGRATULATIONS!). We know too well how important it is to stay fit and healthy when preparing for birth. All the buzz for pre-natal workouts atm is around Pre-Natal Barre so Team Base decided to give it a go and share with you guys how it was!  

We teamed up with personal blogger of @SocialandStyle as well Mummy-to-be (in her final trimester), Kamana. We headed down to the Pre-Natal Barre class at @WeBarre and left the rest of the magic to instructor, Tanya of WeBarre.

WeBarre's pre-natal class will educate you on how to better support your body as your posture changes through pregnancy. The focus is on the different muscles used during pregnancy and after the baby comes. The small class size means each participant gets individual attention while enjoying a fun, safe and effective barre workout!

To sum the experience up, Kamana said "I love staying fit. Now that I am pregnant, health and fitness are even more important. Thankfully, I’ve still been able to wear comfortable luxe activewear from Base Athletica! My ideal outfits are stretchier leggings, paired with a larger size comfortable top and tanks."

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Team Base

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