VLOG: Base Athletica X UFIT | BoxFit Femme

There is nothing more empowering than feeling confident and supported in a group of great fun women. If you are also looking for sweat and toughness, BoxFit is just that punch you need!

Last week, Lisa Clayton (founder of UFIT Bootcamps) took us along to our first BoxFit Femme class with the lovely and fabulous ladies from UFIT Bootcamps led by UFIT Bootcamp instructor (Aka: Boxfit Goddess), Citira Corrigan. And oh boy!... we were in for a knockout treat!

Lisa and Citira (who are both mums of 3!), showered the session with endless motivation and fun! Every minute was filled sweat and tonnes of positive vibes!

Each member of the class of 18 pax was extremly passionate. It is clear that this community is one with a common goal of keeping fit while having fun. It was especially nice to see when the class wrapped up and girlfriends bid goodbye with a "see you again at the next session" with smiles on their faces. 

Always wanted to try a female only boxing class where you can learn new techniques, burn those calories, be outdoors and meet like minded individuals in the fitness community? Then UFIT's Boxfit Femme is definitely the class for you!

Share this with your friends and family and let us know if there are any interesting classes you have gone to or that you would like to see on our next vlog!

Team Base

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