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By Lauren Ball - owner and coach, Swim Stars Singapore

As a swimming coach, beach lover and sports enthusiast, I am constantly battling to look after my hair. I'm sure most of us who exercise outdoors can relate! Sun, humidity, chlorine, salt water... a recipe for hair misadventure! On those ‘bad hair days’, I am a big fan of a loose top knot – the comfortable and low fuss option.  However, I still use a few simple tricks to take care of my hair as part of my regular routine:

Always wear a hat! A must for skin protection but also to protect the top of the head and our hair which we often forget about. This also avoids the need to buy (and then remember to use) UV protection shampoo! 

    Quick rinse after a swim. Even if you don´t wash your hair right after your swim, rinse your hair at least with cold and fresh water.  This is to flush away any toxins and chemicals from the chlorine.

    Hair treatments and masks. I use Moroccan Oil on my ends after showering and before bed, then a coconut oil based hair treatment once a week. Being in and out of the pool, I don't like to use leave-in conditioner or oil in my hair when I'm teaching, but this is a personal choice. 

    Use a wide tooth comb. All the time. Especially important for gently untangling hair when it's wet because this is when it is susceptible to splitting - and my hair is always wet!

    Drink plenty of water. I try and make it interesting my adding cucumber, lemon, berries or orange for a refreshing drink in the heat. I also LOVE fresh coconut water which is great for hydration and readily available here. There is nothing better! 

    You are what you eat. I'm a strong believer that your diet is reflected in your skin and hair. I have a protein and vitamin rich smoothie in the morning, lots of greens or homemade soup for lunch and a protein packed meal for dinner. Protein, good fats, zinc and iron are especially important for healthy hair.  

    Singapore is unique in that most of us have access to the pool or often find ourselves on holiday by the beach.  I love the water as a place to be active!  And being active is the important part – enjoy your swim and frolic!


    Lauren Ball - Owner and Coach, Swim Stars Singapore

    Base Athletica Lauren BallLauren teaches water confidence and safety to children from 6 months and provides older children and adults with fundamentals or coaching for competition. When Lauren is not spreading her passion for the water she's pursuing her own fitness goals, travelling the world or enjoying brekky with friends.   Contact Lauren at

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