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It is April already!  Did you stick to your new years resolutions or forget them by the time February rolled around? 

When I set my New Years resolutions and goals, I found myself setting intentions for the year. Rather than specific and measurable goals, I was drawn to behavioural words such as 'spontaneous'. I chose adjectives that could inspire my choices throughout the year but also adapt over the course of the year. 

It turns out this is not an uncommon approach. This short video explores the idea of choosing a single word to represent who you want to be this year to drive personal growth and suggests sharing your word with others to keep you accountable to this greater version of yourself. I highly recommend watching it and considering whether this approach would benefit you for rest of 2016.

Dr Jason Fox

Choose your word wisely vimeo from Dr Jason Fox  

It’s a really fun approach! You can chat to friends and family about the attributes you want to display to help come up with your word. Perhaps you want to be more courageous and brave - so you choose the word 'Lion' or your favourite superhero. Maybe you want to give more unconditional love and so you make choices like your beautiful family dog does. Or if you’re focusing on your physical wellbeing you could choose the name of your favourite athlete and so on a daily basis would consider the decisions your favourite sports star would make.

Have fun exploring what it is that resonates with you and your hopes for 2016.

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Maddy Pearce - Founder of MakeLife Initiative and Online Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach

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